Nettles Stirrups - Blank Bell (pair)

Nettles blank bell shaped stirrups are the best blank on the market! Made with four layers of laminated high quality red oak by the Nettles family in Texas, stained finish, and ready for you to add your own leather, rawhide, or metal! 5.5 inches bolt to tread and 5.25 inches inside width, 3 inch bolt width! Available in 2, 3, 4, and 5 inch tread width. (Price includes 2 stirrups, 3" tread width pictured)

Nettles blanks are not meant to be used as is and should be covered

Nettles Stirrups - Blank Bell (pair)
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  • Item #: 21001
  • Manufacturer: Nettles
Price $49.00
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