Nettles Stirrups - All Purpose (pair)

The Nettles All Purpose Stirrup (now renamed The DUKE) are An economical version of the Nettles Premier Stirrup, achieved without altering the superior Nettles Stirrups' workmanship. Laminated like the Nettles Premier Stirrups, but have only 5 layers of wood instead of 6. A more economical leather, less sanding and less hands-on labor make this a great cost-conscious stirrup. 5.5 inches bolt to tread and 5.25" inside width, 3 inch bolt width! Available in 2 and 3 inch tread width. (Price includes 2 stirrups)

Stain darkness may vary

Nettles All Purpose Stirrups
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  • Item #: 23003
  • Manufacturer: Nettles
Price $125.00
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