Nettles 2" Half Breed Stirrup

The Halfbreed is all about freedom and all about confidence, born from the marriage of Nettles famous Flatbottom Stirrup to their legendary Oxbow Stirrup. It combines the extra width in the Oxbow's middle to the classic Flatbottom tread and what a great feel! With slimmer sides for additional comfort, the stirrup has been a winner in the competitive circles, an excellent addition to the Premier Line.

The 2 inch Halfbreed is wider in the middle, measuring 5 3/8 inches at its widest point the wider opening allows better in and out foot access. This 6 piece laminated stirrup measures 5 1/2 inches in height and offers slimmer sides for a less constricted feel. The 2 inch Halfbreed is the middle-man of tread width sizes. Six layers of high quality red oak, varnished finish, brass fittings, highest quality leather. 5.5" bolt to tread, 5.375" inside width, 3" bolt width, 2" treadwidth. Price is per pair.

Nettles 2" Halfbreed Stirrups
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